In The Frame – Simon Bronson

So, tell us a little about yourself, who you are, where you work now and how long you’ve been in the industry?

I’m a senior motion designer working at iloura in Melbourne. I’ve been working in the industry for over 15 years, as an editor, compositor and now designing and animating. I have also done bits and pieces of cinematography and sound recording as well.

What made you go into motion graphics or how did working in Motion graphics come about?

When I was working as an editor there was always a need for graphics or fx. I found I had more fun doing the peripheral stuff than the editing. I got an internship at zspace in Sydney and it went from there. I worked as an in-house editor/designer then did a 3 year stint freelancing in London which was great experience before I settled back in my hometown of Melbourne.

What do you enjoy most about working in motion graphics?

I love making things ‘come to life’. Its very satisfying to add character and movement to static things. The work is often varied so I’m never bored. I also enjoy the collaborative nature when you’re in a good team, sharing
ideas and bonding over interesting work. I find it a great creative outlet as well, if not on paying jobs, doing my
own work satisfies my creative juices.

What do you enjoy least about working in motion graphics?

Sometimes clients are a pain but that goes for any creative endeavor that you get paid for. Also having a great idea that gets watered down can be disheartening as well. Sitting down at a computer all day isn’t great for your body either.

What has been you biggest highlight in motion graphics ?

I was proud to direct my first car commercial late last year.

HSV – evolve your instinct from Simon Bronson on Vimeo.

I created the look of the head up display graphics as well as storyboard, create the animatic and work with the talented tic dept here at iloura.

Creating and sharing work on vimeo has been really satisfying as well. My first form experiment:

Form Experiment 001 from Simon Bronson on Vimeo.

was received very well, with using it to promote trapcode Form as well being asked my to make a tutorial about it.

What skill do you think a  Motionographer needs?

It helps to be an all rounder. As well as a design sensibility you need to understand the language of film. I draw upon my editing and audio background to help construct pieces with some kind of story, at least a beginning,
middle and end. Keeping up with technology and trends is also essential as well as an open mind to keep learning.

Is there any advice you’d give to an aspiring Motion graphics artist?

Learn from others. When I started there wasn’t as many good tutorial sites but now there’s, to name just a few. Whenever I work with experienced designers I’d always ask how they did something. People are usually flattered so don’t be shy. Create your own style, don’t just copy what other people are doing. A short, snappy reel is essential as your calling card.

What are your future plans in Motion Graphics?

I’m hoping to do some more directing and create more personal projects this year.

So, Cinema 4D is your main software of choice, what do you like about it?

Cinema 4D is vital for my workflow these days. From creating assets, animatic, camera movement and high quality renders its really invaluable. I was reluctant to move into 3D from being a 2D guy but I’m so glad I made the jump. Even if I’m working on a 2D after effects job it can often be embellished with stylized c4d stuff.

Is there a particular motion graphic piece you would reccomend to someone else?

‘What Barry says’, create by Simon Robson from if probably one of the best motion graphic pieces created. Amazing execution and informative content. It certainly inspired me to get into motion graphics.

If you want to find out more about Simon, take a look at his showreel below or why not visit his website.

2011 Showreel from Simon Bronson on Vimeo.